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Monday, September 9, 2013

when i start to speak nonsense

when speaking about dreams, hell yeah so many things i wanna do. That is why it called "dreams". True, i am definitely won't struggling to achieve that so called dreams because I know it's only dreams.

Ok, let's no talk about dreams whatsoever. soTired to listen, tired to plan.I dont wanna have dreams.It's ridiculous. I dont wanna be adult. I wanna be a kid. I wanna see my mom remains young.U know how much I love my mom?Yeah, if I could give all my heart to her, Yes I do. My mom would definitely not found this blog because she didn't know anything about social media except facebook. Yeah, she is very expert on that.Esp candy crush.Oh goshh, i really wonder why this game give a huge impact towards malaysian.I've tried once..OMG fullstop.

Ok, I guess its enough for today.Ya Allah, im so bored and im so lost.LAILI IS BORED.LAILI IS BLUR.thanks for not reading this entry because it is super boring.I'll get back to u later with an interesting entry.Allryte then.Got to go.

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