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Wednesday, June 24, 2015



Happy 7th ramadan everyone.. Camne puasa?ada baik ka?Akak so far puasa cukup, dan mcm biasa azam akak tahun ni untuk puasa penuh. Harap-harap azam akak ni tercapai..kihkih..adik toksah gelak sgt eh..babab kang...grrrr

Anyway, this is 2015 and yeah, umur akak 26 tahun.Masih bujang. Masih comel.Dan, masih kuat berangan.haha. Nama glemer akak is Ayoko. Dan, akak mempunyai 1001 impian dan cita-cita untuk mencari kebahagiaan hidup di dunia dan akhirat. InsyaAllah, sedang cuba untuk ikhlaskan diri untuk menuju ke jalan yang diredai Allah.

Actually, last week I got letter calling for interview in UTM,JB. I was susprised because this is actually what i'm waiting for. Pegawai Penerbitan tetap. Thus, working in IPT is something that i'm looking for, because i've planning to pursue my masters. So, by working in IPT i guess is quite a good idea. And, yeah since the location is in JB, i think my mission to get marry with Tunku Idris will be come true.hahah..verangan uolzz

Then, when i told my mom about the offer, she seems not happy. Obviously. She not allowed me to go to the interview. So, I've decided to solat istikharah. Almost 3 days i did it, but i got no clue. Well, perhaps I
 should'nt go. I think about 3 times i've spoke to my mom, but  still the same NO. So, what im trying to say is, sometimes solat istikharah is not appeared in our dream, it can be from our heart and probably Allah give me the signal through my mom. And now, i feel more better and 'redha' if this is the 'ketentuan'. Insya Allah, He knows better for me..

Ok peeps, last word, dont ever stop to ask for his help. I believe everything happens for a reason. Do keep continue praying ok!! n happy fasting everyone, dont forget to solat tarawikh k...:)

Much love

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