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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just my thought

Hey, d'u ever feel that u will be famous just being a blogger?

Ok, I'm seriously never ever think about that!!Blogging is my hobby.It's a place for me to express my feelings whenever i feel lonely. At the mean time, I wanna share my thoughts and opinion orr maybe experience.

Because writing is windup for my loneliness, I just write anything that cross in my mind. But, if u people can't accept my writing, what can I do?And the simplest thing that I can do is just apologizes. I am truly sorry if some of my entry might hurt u.But, trust me I'm just being myself and I'm not seeker attention.owh please.... I'm just write for fun ok. If u guys read from my previous entry, then u know who am i and why I write this blog.

I don't have much fren.My blog is my fren and if u wannabe my fren, tapak tangan saya hulurkan.

Allryte then.

p/s: sorry if saya gunakan kata ganti nama diri pertama (AKU) in my previous entry. For me, kalau guna aku tu, lebih dekat and rapat seems this is more like diary.isn't it?

and sorry if korang rasa saya menggunakan bahasa yg agak kasar..I'm brutal y'know?Tapi kind hearted..haha ok takyah nak serius sgt k..lain ari kite sambung :)


  1. samela.. saya berblogging sbb suke2 je.. sbb jiwa jnis suka mnulis..hehe

  2. hehe...definitely faie..thx for ur comment..:)

  3. your blog.. so taip je r ape yang nak ditaip.. tak salah pun ok =) dari first entri lagi aku guna aku.. dah bese ngan word "aku" tu.. selesa jadi diri sendiri.. hee

  4. well, haters gonna hate, keep on blogging!


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