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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

it is hard for me to throw out that feeling towards him.sometimes i feel like it is must for me for having someone that i can lean on and at the same time protect me in whatever situation. but rationally, i think that in my young age there's no need love because i already have my own target which is on my 28, that is the right time for me to start thinking about love. maybe because i was surrounded with those people (love bird) and force me to start finding someone. and, because of that im still waiting him and it's been 7 years which is i almost forgot about him.(cinta monyet). seriously, i feel so depress because of these matters. sometimes, i talk to myself am i not pretty or clumsy or too much joking which makes people don't like me. I've no answer for that..and if he knows how much i really really love him i hope he will appreciate it. i don't want him to love me back because he know i love him, but atleast appreciate someone that he love most. it is pain to love someone that you know that you won't get him.. anyway, i will keep this love as my first love memory.

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