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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Loneliness :'(

I live in a gloomy life. I don't have perfect family. Allah knows everything.
I don't have many friends
Even boyfriend.
All I have is my mother.
I love my friends so much, but they didn't.
But I know I have Allah.
He just test me.
How far can I cry?

Many said I'm funny person.
But they didn't know the truth.
My life isn't complete without smile.
But it only stand for few seconds.
Loneliness is killing me.
Fairy tale,where are u?
I need u!
Could u be my friend forever?
Being my chit chat partner?
Being my lunch partner?
Being my sleeping partner?
Yeah, it's ok if they said I'm crazy.
But all I know is no more 'loneliness' in my dictionary of life.

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